Monday, May 19, 2014

Clipped Wings French Edition

For all my French readers out there, you can now read Clipped Wings "Bad Boy" en français!

The French edition of Inked Armor will release in August, 2014. 

Happy Reading!



  1. Hello. I literally spent about trying to find this blog. I am a fan from and was going back through my old favorites because I wanted to sift through them and read them again. I.couldn't find The Misapprehension of Bella Swan. Why was it deleted? I found the first chapter online and instantly remembered why I fell in love with this story in the first place. Please reply back to me whenever you can. -Nicole

  2. Hi, I'm French and I've read your books ( Clipped Wings 1 & 2) and I just wanted to thank you because they changed my life, thanks to you I accept myself as I am and I did not pay more attention to the eyes of people on my tattoos. Thank you very much , really. I hope so that other volumes released in French !
    thank you again


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